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Located in the heart of Brazil's Minas Gerais district, the Ipanema farm is specialised in the process of coffee cultivation from seed to cup.Located in the heart of Brazil's Minas Gerais district, the Ipanema farm is specialised in the process of coffee cultivation from seed to cup.

The farm has focused its efforts on producing the highest quality coffee using traditional and modern techniques and thus leaving other companies.

Ipanema's sensitivity to quality, in conjunction with the protection of the farm's natural habitat and social responsibility awareness, is recognized as a pioneer company with world-wide awareness of the Rainforest Alliance and UTZ certificates.

Award-winning IPANEMA ESPRESSO brand, 
It is prepared from 100% Arabica seeds grown in specially designed fields.As a result of a very light roasting process, Ipanema coffees have a sweet and light taste, and they are a perfect choice for use in both espresso and milky coffee types with its non-bitter body texture.

The fact that Ipanema consumers are really sure that they are drinking an original product is also possible to follow the whole process from the core to the cup.

Authentic inspiration

In 1969, three friends shared a common vision that would change the coffee industry in Brazil. After 40 years, they have established Ipanemacoffees, one of the world's most important and innovative coffee companies, by inspiring high quality wineries and stimulating the production of high quality coffees with the smallest detail of the area it occupies.

In addition, today, the Ipanema farm is the world's 28th annual coffee production. it could be said that he was next.

A Solid Selectivity

Each year, more than 7,000 tons of 100% Arabian coffee is produced, from 850 meters to 1,350 meters; It is undoubtedly famous for its superior taste and characteristic aroma, low caffeine content, much demanding developmental conditions and hence significantly higher stock price compared to other types of coffees.

From the top coffee beans, only the best ones are carefully selected for the production of IPANEMA Espresso, which is considered to be the best Brazilian coffee and specialty Coffeess according to the Rainforest Alliance* company.

*The Rainforest Allianceannalualcupingcontest 2010 (SCAA Exhibition, Anaheim-USA)

A Natural Delicate

Ipanema Espresso runs an original quality certification process within the period from the first stages of seed production to the final stage and the coffee preparation stage. The Ipanema farm guarantees the taste superiority of coffee with its full compliance and expertise with the detailed follow-up of all production stages, continuous control and quality standards, and is proud of its respect for the environment and its social benefits to local communities.

Environmental Sensitivity

With respect for Applied Environmental Protection and biodiversity, the IPANEMA farm's "impact reduction" program is continuously implementing innovative recycling techniques. It aims to process eucalyptus to be used as a renewable energy source, including the reuse of coffee waste and the use bark as manure.

In addition to annual 50,000 seed sowing studies for water waste reduced to 90% compared to conventional practices, expertise Coffee Association of Europe, one of the leading companies, also recognizes the Ipanema farm as “the world's distinctive producer“.

European 2009 SpecialityCoffeeAssociation (Scae awards)

Social Responsibility

Today, consumers enjoy the taste of the products they consume, as well as the knowledge that the producers fulfill their social responsibilities, as well as the products they consume. For this reason, Ipanema farm is dedicated to design, development and implementation of more advanced programs that are consistent with environmental and social activities.During the harvest, the farm employs 1,500 people and, unlike others, undertakes the priority of offering free accommodation, food and education to the public in the region it operates.

Rainforest Alliance

The Ipanema Farm, which is among the first coffee farms in the world to receive the Rainforest Alliance certificate, is a guarantee for the production and protection of the following crops and its respect for the natural environment.


In 2002, The Farm became Brazil's number one farm, and was certified by the international non-profit certification body Utz with the name“creative cultures”, highlighting its importance to agricultural practices, productivity and coffee production processes.

Ipanema Espresso Feature

Ipanema Espresso with its soft taste and balanced shape, 
With its low acidity ratio, rich aroma and sweet orange and honey flavors in the mouth, it turns your daily simple moments into a unique, fun coffee experience.100% of the Ipanema farm will be convinced by a simple experiment in the cup of the actual value of the Arabian cores!