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Coffee Machine Cleaning Products



Professional espresso machine daily maintenance and cleaning is very important.

During the brewing process, oil deposits are formed on the inner surfaces of the coffee and they are stratified over time, affecting the taste of your coffee and creating an environment that is not hygienic. It also reduces the life of your machine. For this reason, daily cleaning is one of the most critical issues.

Puly caff powder is the most widely used Group cleaning material on the market with its easy-to-use and approved cleaning power.

Brewing Group Daily Cleaning

1-) 3-5gr Pulycaf is placed in blind spoon.

2-) turn on/off 5 times between 10 seconds.

3-) the group is rinsed.

4-) Turn on/off 5 times between 10 seconds.

Cleaning the filter and spoons daily

1-) 1LT of hot water is placed in a large bowl.

2-) 10gr PulyCaff put in water.

3 -) spoons in water for 15 minutes and rinse with hot water.



Cleaning tablet for automatic espresso machines and filter coffee machines.

  • It contains 100 PCs 1.35 grams small cleaning tablet.​​

  • Use it in accordance with your machine's cleaning instructions​​ 


It is very important that your machine's hygiene, taste and life be cleaned of the milk remaining on the milk foaming bar. Puly milk is the most preferred brand with both ease of Use and cleaning power.

However, even if you follow the milk cleaning in pipes, it is not possible to prevent it from staying in the pipe. Milk can become a serious health threat with its remnants due to its structure. Therefore, the cleaning is much more important.

The use of Pulymilkin is very simple.

  • Add 50 ml of pulymilki 1 liter of water at room temperature.

  • If you do not have a special cleaning procedure in the user manual of your coffee machine, press the menu as if you are making a coffee with milk and make sure that the solution is drained instead of milk.​

  • You can repeat this process until the solution is finished.